Anime Alarm

Anime Alarm for Android

Tags: 2D, Anime.

Can’t get enough of Anime? Having problem to wake up at morning? Then Anime Alarm is what you need. Have unique anime character from your favorite anime to wake you up and energize your morning.

How it works:

  1. Your little sister comes to wake you up.
  2. Pat her on the head and thank her.
  3. Kawaii little sister is delighted and happy.
  4. You wake up easily, feeling good.

Become Kanon’s brother/sister. Anime Alarm is a must have alarm clock app for every "little sister MOE". You can touch and pat her while on standby.

Features about Kanon:

  • More than 500 voice patterns.
  • Able to change costumes, loves cosplay.
  • Becomes happy when patted or touched.
  • Supports both big brothers and big sisters.
  • Tweets on her own sometimes.
  • MOE and Kawaii.

Anime Alarm APK

Requirements: Android 2.1+