FishingStrike for Android

Tags: 3D, Fishing.

Fishing strike - gather a team of fishermen and fish in different corners of the planet. Follow the tension of the fishing line, hook fish in time to get a good catch. In this Android game you can train in fishing. Catch different fish from small river fishes to a big white shark. Apply an underwater view to hook the fish in time. Roll the reel and win the struggle with a fish. Visit beautiful corners of the world with new fishes and new impressions waiting for you there. Gather your own aquarium.

Game Features:

  • Next Generation Fishing Game with Realistic Graphics! Exciting Action! Feelings of true suspense!
  • Angler Skills and a feeling of tension! Gather Anglers to fish and grow with! Get the tense feeling of fishing with your Anglers and their exciting skills!
  • There’s no more need to spend hours waiting! Go catch all the fish you want! Check out the underwater world while choosing the fish you want to catch!
  • World-renowned Fishing Spots rendered in Realistic Graphics! Perfectly modeled Fish! Catch over 500 types of Fish that truly look real-to-life in perfectly-rendered, world-renowned Fishing Holes!
  • Appreciate your Aquarium even more with VR and AR! Go make your own Aquarium, and bring it to life with VR Mode! Then get a 360-degree view of fish moving realistically with AR Mode!

Enjoy it now!

FishingStrike APK

Requirements: Android 4.0.3+