AirAttack 2

AirAttack 2 for Android

Tags: 3D, Airplane, War.

Air attack 2 - fly a World War II era fighter and take part in air battles in different corners of our planet. Destroy ground and air targets. Become a real air ace in this game for Android. Do dangerous combat missions. Keep moving your plane forward, breaking through the enemy barrage. Shoot down enemy planes, sink warships, destroy land combat vehicles, artillery positions, and other military facilities. Collect a variety of bonuses that will increase your chances of winning. Defeat huge bosses.

Game Features:

  • 22 Campaign Missions + Survival Mission.
  • Fully destructible 3D environment.
  • Orchestral soundtrack with 30 unique tracks.
  • Daily Events with rewards.
  • 5 Player Airplanes.
  • Plane Upgrades: Flamethrower, Tail Gunner, Bombs, Lasers, Wingmen, Homing Rockets, ...
  • Amazing Lighting and Explosion Effects.
  • Landscape / Portrait orientation.
  • Support for Android TV, S-Pen, Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard, NVIDIA Shield.
  • Can be played offline.

Sequel of Award Winning next-gen top down air combat shooter with stunning 3D graphics and amazing orchestral soundtrack. Enjoy the classic atmosphere of WW2 arcade shoot ’em up (or shmup) in modern rendering. Prepare your plane and destroy the axis of evil with Flamethrower, Tail Gunner, Bombs, ... Show your friends no mercy in the daily events!

AirAttack 2 APK

Requirements: Android 2.3+