Airplane Pilot Sim

Airplane Pilot Sim for Android

Tags: 3D, Airplane.

Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D is a highly advanced simulation developed for Android. Here at i6 Games, we have been studying to perfect the ultimate plane flying simulation, improving the physics for you the player. And finally, we’re excited to give you the opportunity to play our brand new and exciting flight simulator!

Get ready for the thrill of experiencing the controlling and flying a commercial airplane aircraft in Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D!

With realistic aeroplane cockpit controls, you control the plane to fly safely through the air and help get the passengers to their destination on time.

Game Features:

  • Realistic airplane cockpit environment. All of the necessary controls to make the gaming experience more realistic.
  • 20 Exclusive, entertaining levels for this game (More levels soon to come!).
  • Expansive, detailed open world environment (Including 7 Tropical Islands, Urban City, Residential Area, Farmlands, and Forest).
  • High quality buildings and airports.
  • Accelerometers used to make easy to play tilt controls.
  • Interact with functional instruments used in real-life airplanes.
  • Unique reward system for gameplay.
  • Dynamic lighting and sounds of a commercial airplane and environment.
  • Amazing on-board cameras to capture every angle of the plane.

With 20 unique levels (more soon to come), your piloting skills will be tested to the limits. With the elements against you, you’ll have to fly through tough situations in order to get to the destination on time in this airplane flying simulation. The game also simulates weather conditions as well as day and night cycle, with clear sky, tropical rain, thunderstorms, turbulence and more!

Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D uses real world simulated elements:

  • Weather forecast: clear sky, rain, thunderstorms.
  • Turbulence.
  • Day and night cycle.
  • Plane crashes and smokes effects.

Become an Airliner Pilot and experience all the thrills in the exciting, new game, Airplane Pilot Simulator 3D!

Airplane Pilot Sim APK

Requirements: Android 2.3+