Heavy Truck Simulator

Heavy Truck Simulator for Android

Tags: 3D, Car, Truck.

Heavy truck simulator - get into a comfortable cabin of a big truck, step on the gas and carry cargo between different cities. Play as a professional driver on the tracks of this Android game. Drive a heavy car along fast highways, city streets and country roads. Watch the road carefully so as you don’t crash with oncoming car or other obstacle. Deliver cargo as fast as possible, complete missions any time of day. Purchase trucks of different models. Unlock new locations.

Game Features:

  • Beautiful Brazilians locations;
  • Many Powerful Trucks, from the old to the newest ones!
  • Great Graphics;
  • Realistic Physics and Gameplay;
  • Dirt Roads with bumps and Holes brings more reality and fun to the game;
  • Many Trailers and jobs (more trailers will be added on next updates);
  • Day/Night Cycle;
  • Many cities based on Brazilian locations;
  • Fuel Stations;
  • Sleeping simulation, you can sleep on the wheel;
  • You can change the graphics quality to fit your needs;
  • On/Off Engine;
  • Traffic Ticket System (Speed trap);
  • Bi-Train;
  • Road-Train;
  • Rigid Truck;
  • GPS;

Be the King of Road in "Heavy Truck Simulator"!

Heavy Truck Simulator APK

Requirements: Android 2.3+