Modern Cinderella: Shall we date?

Modern Cinderella: Shall we date? for Android

Tags: 2D, Dating.

Money isn’t everything… Escape your controlling mother’s clutches to an exciting new world! A reverse Cinderella story set in the modern world. Say goodbye to your old self and start a life of your own. No one knows who you really are. Wouldn’t you like to discover your true self? Make choices to create the person you truly are. Let’s make your dreams come true!

The Story

  • You have been given everything.
  • Friends and families are always there to support you.
  • Only you know the truth behind your seemingly carefree life.
  • When you can’t stand it anymore, you decide to strive out on your own!
  • Finally independent, this is your chance to begin again…!
  • “This is the moment I change myself. Let me show you who I really am!”.
  • Grow as a person with new friends and experiences around every corner.
  • The pursuit of happiness begins here!

Modern Cinderella Characters

Music Lover: Simon Hopper

  • Simon is an aspiring composer who works two jobs.
  • He is a waiter by day, and a bar musician by night.
  • One fateful night, you take the stage and sing to his music.
  • He is amazed by your incredible talent, and asks you to become his music partner.
  • “...Would you consider singing for me?”
  • Your dream of professional singer is given wings.

Food Lover: Nicolas Whitewood

  • An aspiring chef who wishes to feed the whole world.
  • Though his cooking skills are definitely admirable, there’s something else...
  • He heavily relies on your sense of taste. You are his recipe for success!
  • You will guide him to be the master chef he always dreamed of becoming!
  • “Where have you been all my life? You’re the one I’ve been looking for!”
  • Join his gourmet tour and experience the new world of flavor!

Flight Lover: Zack Wright

  • His sweet nature allows him to befriend virtually anyone.
  • As a pilot who travels all over the world, he envies your talent in languages.
  • He may not make the best first impression, but he does everything he can to make up for it.
  • The more you travel with him, the deeper you fall in love.
  • “I may not be a typical prince, but please... give me a chance.”
  • Your dream of seeing the entire world becomes a blissful reality.

Game Features:

  • FREE to download.
  • FREE Story Tickets awarded often.
  • Beautiful illustrations and great music.
  • Many different options available for your boyfriends.
  • Ranking system to flaunt your fashions!
  • Story endings vary with your choice.
  • Amazing selection of avatar items.
  • Fun events and special rewards.

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Modern Cinderella: Shall we date? APK

Requirements: Android 4.1+