Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers

Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers for Android

Tags: Anime, MMO.

The world of Fairy Tale is populated by wizards and numerous other races, including Exceeds, dragons, celestial spirits, and giant beasts. Earth-land a vast peninsula, is divided into ten different countries: the Fiore Kingdom, Seven, Bosco, Iceberg, Minstrel, Midi, Desierto, Joya, Bellum, and the Pergrande Kingdom Fairy Tale is filled with anachronisms, like Lacrima, a crystalline substance that can be used to store magic and can function as crystal balls for communication apart from its other uses.

Magic is an ability occurring in every individual for some races in Fairy Tale, although only 10% of Earth-land’s population use this magic. There are two categories of magic. Special-Ability magic allows a wizard to use magic from their bodies. Holder magic allows a user to cast magic with items.

Game Features:

  • Restore the true image of the second element, respect the original
  • 300 styles of Slayers, there is always your favorite one
  • Free control of blood fighting
  • Semi-automatic combat system, farewell look at the game era, the manual release of the strongest skills
  • Blood PVP combat, personally create the strongest team
  • One hit kill talent fetters
  • Gorgeous kill effects, rich talent yoke system
  • Natural skills, the mysterious bond super bonus
  • Farm forging Passion Guild
  • Perfect farm system, forging the strongest equipment
  • The strongest guild, let you find your own home

2016 most fun mobile Anime game "Fairy Tail"!The Edolas is waiting for you! You need to recruit mages who are in the Anime Fairy Tail, to complete the task, to develop the strongest team! Nearly 300 slayers, more than 100 kindsand equipment, allowing the player full of fun and surprises. Most fun Anime Fairy Tail game are waiting for you! Natus and Lucy hope you can join them to save the Anime Fairy Tail world!

Fairy Tail Dragon Slayers APK

Requirements: Android 2.2+