Infinite Golf

Infinite Golf for Android

Tags: 2D, Golf.

Infinite Golf - the most addictive golf game! Shoot the golf ball into the hole! How far can you go? An ideal game of golf especially for those who are often looking for ways to kill their spare time. Be sure to decide to download the Infinite Golf to android and forget how boring to spend your time at work, because there is always the opportunity to entertain with this amazing gameplay. You will find beautiful, neat and colorful graphics in a two-dimensional image. It immediately fills the mood of the player and makes his occupation even more fascinating and addictive. Run the golf ball so that it accurately hits the hole. No restrictions in action, just enjoy the game and the fun.

Prepare yourself for the fact that when you can download Infinite Golf to android, you will already forget about all the others. Enjoy every round you’ve passed and enjoy the simplicity of management and the comforts of the gameplay. Everything is done in very pleasant and even warm colors, which does not distract your attention. Simply perform the necessary actions on the game process and pass the ball huge fields, especially for golf. Naturally, this will not be an easy matter and it will be necessary to try to do everything in such a way as to avoid a lot of obstacles trying not to allow the ball to fly exactly into the hole.

With each new level, the player will increase his gaming experience, and get out on top of the lead. Each time, think about the strategy and the trajectory to launch your ball as far as possible and closer to the hole. The player is waiting for a huge number of interesting locations, which will have their natural obstacles and need to be circumvented. In addition, a special and unique at each level of nature will make the gameplay more interesting and enjoyable. Collect as many points as possible in order to get ahead. Invite your friends to compete and enjoy golf together.

Infinite Golf APK

Requirements: Android 4.1+