VAMPIRE : Chained Monster

VAMPIRE : Chained Monster for Android

Tags: Logic, Monster, Vampire.

This is an old castle in the hills. It is HAUNTED!! The owner of this castle wants to sell it but cannot do that as the SCARY VAMPIRE has taken over this mansion. It is really scary!! Everyone is afraid to enter into this haunted house. There are dark rooms in the palace As vampire hates the light. Scary vampire is busy in his evil mysterious deeds. Now you are going to face this evil count and get free this ghost house.

Game Features:

  • Mysterious Mansion Journey!
  • Realistic Sound and Amazing Graphics!
  • Addictive Game Play!
  • Interesting Missions!
  • Smooth Controls!

Are you scared?? Be brave and Let’s enter into this Scary vampire house. You have to tease the vampire in different ways. Every level requires you to complete a different challenging mission. Don’t be panic. Play each level smartly. Release his spider, mouse and cat. Mix chili sauce into the blood bowl to tease him. Place mouse trap into his room to hurt him. Its really simulating to remove curtains from the window to light the room. Sunlight will burn his skin. He will try to run away. Tease him as much as he decides to leave the house and run away. Beware you intruder as you are going to face the real owner of this mansion!!!

VAMPIRE : Chained Monster APK

Requirements: Android 4.0+