The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends for Android

Tags: 2D, Card, Fantasy.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends - try out your skills in a new collectible card game based on The elder scrolls universe. Exciting strategy combines past, present, and future of the rich history of Tamriel. You’ll see a wide variety of worlds, many cards, a variety of character classes, each endowed with unique abilities, and more. Win in difficult battles over against crafty and dangerous opponents!

Inspired by classic adventure tales, Return to Clockwork City is the latest story expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Set hundreds of years after Sotha Sil’s demise, embark on an epic journey to the fabled Clockwork City filled with danger, wonder, and riches beyond imagination. The road won’t be easy. Nightmarish abominations, traps, and betrayals all stand between treasure hunters and their fabled loot, as the fate of the lost city hangs in the balance.


  • More than 50 new collectible cards.
  • 35 exciting story missions spread across 3 acts.
  • New mechanic: ‘Assemble’ – When players play an Assemble creature, they will choose one of two bonuses. That bonus will be bestowed upon both that creature and every Factotum in the player’s hand and deck.
  • New mechanic: ‘Treasure Hunt’ – While in play, these adventurous fellows will watch each card players draw to see if it’s the treasure they’re looking for. Once players draw everything the hunters want, a reward awaits.
  • Fabricants – All-new creature born of both flesh and metal. Reward players for playing with neutral cards like the Dwemer constructs. These five creatures offer some serious power, and create some exciting new deckbuilding possibilities.


  • Strategy card games – Learn the best strategy for winning card battles in Story Mode.
  • Earn legendary heroes, Legends cards, decks, and packs when you play solo.
  • Draft battle decks from scratch and battle a series of computer opponents.


  • Multiplayer games let you test your deck strength against friends.
  • Online PVP games – Challenge online opponents in ranked play.
  • Draft battle decks from scratch and battle other players who have done the same.


  • Expand strategy options with Legends gameplay, which features a divided battlefield with “lanes.”
  • Card strategy – Carefully place your cards in either lane to attack your opponent and their cards.
  • Strategy is key – Make sure you’re prepared for whatever your opponent plays next.


  • Crafted battle – Collect cards and tailor your deck to your play style.
  • Deck heroes and other cards can be upgraded by winning games against decks that contain the same card.
  • Level up battle cards to improve your decks and give yourself more flexibility.


  • Why play a strategy card game if It doesn’t change? Add a new card to your deck every month.
  • Trading card game constant updates to keep the meta-game fresh and interesting keeps the game fresh and competitive.

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Requirements: Android 4.4+